Care for cut flowers, bouquets, flower boxes and compositions in a floral sponge (bioflora).

Our master florist will help to figure this out.

I will tell you how to properly care for flowers and what affects their life expectancy.

When you buy a bouquet and do not plan to give it right away, you need to tell the florist about it. He will make a special, wet packaging for the flowers so that they can easily tolerate the lack of water.

Flowers should not remain without water for more than half an hour.

And so, you brought the bouquet home. The first thing you need to do is find the right container (vase) for the flowers. A glass vase is best for this.

Avoid metal vases!

Fill the vase with clean water (preferably filtered) and place the bouquet inside, making a fresh cut in advance of the flowers.

From my many years of experience, observing different varieties of roses and flowers in general, at different temperature extremes, I concluded that there is nothing better than good daily care, and this is certainly clean water and a new cut. There are many opinions on how to trim and at what angle. The larger the cutting angle, the larger the surface for the absorption of water, so necessary for the life of the flower. And yet, I am convinced that the angle itself is not so much important as the frequency of new slices. Of course you do not need to do this every 10 minutes.

Do this at least once a day. And be sure to use a sharp knife!

I also want to share with you what flowers do not like.

For example, roses, which are considered to be the queen of flowers. We get them directly from the plantations of Ecuador. And we know almost everything about them.

Some of our clients, before meeting me, considered roses to be moody flowers. But after I revealed to them my secrets for proper care, their opinion completely changed.

Here are some of them:
Do not leave roses in the sun
Keep away from batteries and radiators
Avoid Drafts
Do not put roses in a vase with other flowers

Roses, like people like to experience comfort and enjoyment. There is one trick. I call it – Floral SPA. Take a bath of cool water and immerse the roses along with the leaves so that the flower heads are above the water. And leave it for the night. And in the morning put it back in the vase. Do this procedure for them, as you will feel that the roses are beginning to get tired.

Contact me for advice and I will gladly help!